Inter-School Hockey Tournament

Well done to all involved in the hockey tournament in Ashton on Saturday, 3rd March.

Our Senior and Junior teams lost to Midleton in both finals, but they did really well to get there and did well in the finals too.  Everybody represented their school  really well, both in victory and defeat, and on and off the pitch.  We also had two other teams which were the Junior and Senior ‘United’ teams.  They were made up of 4 players each from St. Luke’s and Midleton.  These players did particularly well as they had to get to know their teammates from Midleton and quickly get used to their style of play.  And both the ‘United’ teams made it to the semi-finals with the Juniors losing to Midleton and the Seniors losing to none other than St. Luke’s by a narrow margin of 1 – 0.  All in all a great morning in the sunshine!
Here are the teams that played:
Senior Team       Senior ‘United’ Team   Junior Team         Junior ‘United’ Team
Tori Hosford             Jade Lawless            David Welch           Luke  McCormack  
Emma Wilkinson      Zoe Wilson               Lisa Kavanagh       Sean Coombes
Craig O’Byrne            Andrew Salter         Holly Mealy           Emily Whitaker
Harry Deane              George Hickey        Andrew Dale          Michael Holland
Kirsty Coombes                                             Ross Bailey
Tony Brophy                                                   George Coomber
Brian Lynch                                                  Billy Kingston   
Seán Hayes                                                     Niall Brooks                                                  
Special thanks to:  Rebecca Hickey, Reg Treacy, Lisa Treacy, Gavin Brooks and Darren Wilkinson for umpiring and managing. 
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