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We currently have three Green Flags.  Mr. Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine at that time, came to St Luke’s School to officially raise our second green flag in June  2012. Since then, we have achieved two more flags, for Water and for Travel. Rob Heffernan came to raise our  fourth Green Flag, for Water. These flags were achieved through the tremendous hard work of our Green School Committee and the entire school community.

What is ‘Green Schools’?

Green Schools is a nation-wide programme that helps to make schools aware of the environment and the importance of looking after it. It gets schools recycling more, saving energy and generally being more ‘green’.

What is a ‘Green Schools’ Flag’?

A Green Schools’ flag is awarded to schools which have shown excellent awareness and action with regards to our environment and looking after it. There are 7 flags in total that schools can work towards: litter, energy, water, travel, biodiversity, global citizenship, climate change.

What is the ‘Green Schools’ Committee’?

Our current Green Schools’ Committee is a group of pupils who, with their teacher,  help our school be more ‘green’ .

What flags do St. Luke’s have so far?

St. Luke’s have a Litter & Waste flag, one for Energy, for Water and for Travel.


How are we decreasing litter, promoting recycling, saving energy, water and our carbon footprint in our school and community?

We have installed push taps to help save water.  We have litter wardens. We check that the lights are turned off and that the doors are closed in every room in the school each break time. We have posters and checklists around the school to remind people to turn off lights, to close doors and to turn off electrical equipment. We have battery recycling boxes so you can recycle your used batteries. We use push taps to reduce water use and walk and cycle as much as possible.

Why is ‘Green Schools’ important?

Green Schools is important to make us all aware of the environment and the need to look after it for ourselves and for the future. It helps us understand how we can help and enables us to work together to be actively ‘green’.

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